How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

Fresh breath and a bright smile are fantastic to have. However, can you keep them up while supporting and improving your oral health? You may need something better. It is not to mean that brushing twice and flossing once a day is not good enough; it is just that you can do much better. How can you do this? The answer is getting your teeth cleaned at Fei Hwang, D.D.S dentist's office.

Professional teeth cleaning is available at your local dentist's office. It helps ensure that your teeth are free of decay and that your gums are healthy. Along with the professional teeth cleaning procedure, many dentists also perform a comprehensive oral exam.


What Happens in a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Depending on where you get the procedure done, it may differ slightly. However, some basic steps are common in all reputable dentist offices. The whole process will usually last less than sixty minutes. The dentist or dental hygienist will typically apply a numbing agent if your teeth are too sensitive.



The first step in many practices entails the hygienist scaling and removing tartar and plaque. They will use specialized tools to scrape off and clean plaque from hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. They will also perform a floss using special tools and techniques. 

One tool that may stand out during this stage is a unique water jet. It is called a Prophy Jet. It uses abrasive powders, water, and pressurized air to clean out stubborn stains, plaque, and soft debris. At the end of this stage, the hygienist will rinse your mouth with clean water. 



After removing the things that make your smile dull or cover your teeth, the dentist will polish your teeth. They will use a rotating tool with a special dental paste to help your teeth shine at their best.


Fluoride Treatment

The third and usually final stage is the fluoride treatment. It comes last because it is meant to stay on your teeth for a long time. They will apply it directly on your teeth as a paste, varnish, or gel.


How Often Should You Get a Teeth Cleaning?

Different dentists give different answers—some six months, others annually. Studies have yet to be done on the difference between six-month and yearly cleanings. However, there is a 2013 study that says that people who have cleanings every six months do not show any significant difference from those who do it annually. 



The same 2013 study recommended that you should discuss your dental visits with your dentist. They are in the best situation to determine whether you are at risk of diseases or conditions like gum disease. You may require six-month cleanings if you have some underlying conditions or habits. Some circumstances that predispose you to gum disease development are:


  • Family history of periodontitis

  • Avid smoker of tobacco

  • You have diabetes


Can I Have Too Many Cleanings?

While there are currently no studies on this, your teeth may likely become more sensitive. Too many cleanings may wear away your enamel or damage it. Also, many teeth cleanings may become very expensive as many insurance providers only cover two cleanings a year.

For more about how often you should get your teeth cleaned, visit Fei Hwang, D.D.S., Milpitas Family and Cosmetic Dentist, at our office in Milpitas, California. Call (408) 729-7882 to book an appointment today.

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